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Make it stick, don't get stuck



55 x 34 x 13 inches each

Make it stick, don’t get stuck, is a way of exhibiting what it means to make a mess and be stuck, and the liberation that can come from it. Developed from a place of political and social turmoil, this body of work challenges what we know about play and the effect it has on our society’s present and future.


The remnants displayed are forms of documentation and mark making created by performing “play”. In this performance, I used freshly mixed concrete as the ground beneath my feet while seesawing.


The instability of the concrete becomes the political and social institution where my fight against it gets messy. The marks left are how my body fights to move and change its grip while in turn it begins to eat away at my skin, break me down one cell at a time, destroying the tissue from my own foundation. The simple act of play which appears to be harmless, moving my body up and down and up and down, flirting with gravity, and the intimacy of working with my partner is not an act of freedom at all. Play, because of institutional control, becomes a dangerous, permanently threatening act.

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