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Falling Time, Fall in Line (Seesaw)



infinite loop

This body of work was inspired by two physically enduring and impossible acts under the guise of play – running infinitely around a merry-go-round and being on both sides of the seesaw. The video and audio exhibit the playfulness in the absurdity of these gestures while the objects (Make it stick, don't get stuck & If I go, you go, we all go round) subvert the playfulness by changing the ground beneath my feet, the very foundation of the playground. 


The constant and consistent movements of the seesaw become rhythmic and mechanical, ignoring individuality while still functioning. The center point and fulcrum fall off kilter occasionally to expose its absurdity. With the merry-go-round, I challenge the absurdity of being a part of a social system without individual thought or room for change and growth. The repetition of running around, and around, and around again never changing or questioning, continuously and permanently going with the status quo is highlighted here. In these actions and videos, play becomes laborious, mechanical, and painful.

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