Crowd Control

Ursula's Power / Play


steel and canvas
105 x 144 x 144 inches

​Crowd Control investigates materials of oppression - chain link, steel barricades, and canvas. These materials are used to house, control, and confine bodies. In the US these materials are seen in prisons and border encampments where temporary structures are permanently housing people. 


Normalization of materials and behavior in society often starts with children and methods of education like that of play. The work in Crowd Control creates an alternate reality, a dystopian present, of play equipment that blatantly without manipulation or passivity works to normalize these materials and their uses. 

This work was exhibited at NURTUREart in 2018 and was funded in part by an Emergency Grant through the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Round, and round, and round we go


steel barricade
42 x 72 x 72 inches

Subtleties of being loud


dimensions vary